Monday, June 23, 2008

Hear Hear

Having a sharp sense of hearing is a real bummer. Seriously. It has its advantages and with some Time Division Multiplexing you can eavesdrop on a number of conversations, and think at the same time. You also have the added advantage, if you can think fast enough that is, to hear things people normally say with a hope you don't hear them.

You know, the

"what did you say?"
"oh nothing... I was talking to myself"
"very well then, I won't return your silver plated, diamond studded, platinum tinged hunting knife"
"did YOU steal it?"
"are you accusing me?"
"how did you know I lost my silver plated, diamond studded, platinum tinged hunting knife?"
"you just said you lost your silver plated, diamond studded, platinum tinged hunting knife"
"how did you hear it?"
*sniggers and leaves banging the door on the way(if indoors)*

type of conversations.

This disadvantage of course, in my case, is something you need to live with everyday..eerrm..rather night. Night is the best time to experience stillness. If its late enough, turn off all electric devices around and just lie on the bed, soon to be drenched in sweat, but in absolute stillness. If you listen carefully you'll hear the bed sheet crumple, the mattress very slowly bearing you wait, the plywood under letting out soft creaks of displeasure. And if your watchman's awake, his heavy footsteps on leaves, not necessarily dry. Sometimes even on grass if its crunchy enough.

The not-so-nice part is living three storeys above the action, everything sounds a bit too..well.. misplaced. You need to listen carefully to figure where the noise is coming from.

Another grievous and often disgusting habit, when you can hear real soft noises you evidently tend to speak that softly (when the time comes to speak softly, of course). Which leads to accusations of other people being hard of hearing. I've thrown that term around on a couple of people so many times I'm sure they're sick of it. I'm trying to hear less by pumping large amounts of metal into ear plugs.. doesn't seem to be working.

Anyway, point remains that despite the bummers, listening can be great fun. And you can always tell women you're a great listener.

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